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About the centre

Under the aegis of the Belgian Federal Science Policy, a Center for Complexity and Exobiology is set up. This project is in line with the implementation by the European Space Agency (ESA) of the European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA) and with the setting up, encouraged by the Belgian government and by the European Union, of Centers of Excellence conducting integrated research in selected areas of science and technology.

Care will be taken to ensure a continuity of the federal initiatives, including those promoting the return of researchers and their insertion into European networks of excellence, in the targeted research fields concerned by the Center.

The objectives of the Center will be:

  • To conduct research on complex systems, space sciences, life sciences and environmental sciences, while promoting synergies between these disciplines.
  • To apply the concepts and tools developed in these contexts in order to tackle in an innovative way a variety of problems of concern in the key area of Exo/Astrobiology, with emphasis on the origin and evolution of life in the universe.
  • To create a competitive infrastructure in computational facilities and in access to data banks and related e-journals.
  • To promote the active participation of Belgian researchers to international collaborations.
  • To initiate educational activities for the general public and to conduct a program of advanced training, complemented by workshops and meetings organized on a regular basis.
  • To promote the valorization of the products of the research for decision making.

The project brings together scientists from federal research institutions and from academic institutions of both linguistic communities. It is expected that this association will consolidate and amplify existing collaborations and foster new ones within the Belgian scientific community and will contribute to the international impact and visibility of Belgian scientific research in Complexity and Exobiology, two subject areas of marked interdisciplinary dimension and great potentialities. The Center would also have a high added value by playing a catalytic role for further development of multidisciplinary collaborations.

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